English musician and record producer Phil Manzanera was lead guitarist with Roxy Music, 801, and Quiet Sun. Manzanera co-produced David Gilmour’s albums “On an Island” and “Rattle That Lock” including major role as guitarist in Gilmour’s band for tours in Europe and North America. “50 Minutes Later” is a modern rock record with progressive rock influnce released in 2005 and included some of the most inspired melodies of its time. The sound is very diverse due to the wide range of influences including spanish, psychedelic, progressive and mainstream rock. Phil is joined by Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt and Andy Mackay. Production is astonishing but not really a surprise knowing the capabilities of ambent magicians like Eno, Wyatt and Manzanera himself. The tracks on this album are very uplifting enabling you to dream shamelessly. “I’m glad that the audiences and reviews for “Rattle That Lock”, throughout the tours across Europe, UK, South America and North America, have all been so great. Now I can get back to concentrating on my own projects.” -Phil Manzanera