Stolen are a creative young band from Chengdu, the flourishing epicentre of China’s new music scene. In common with New Order, Stolen mix electronics, guitars technology with live drums. Held together by the growling vocal presence of Liang Yi, ‘Fragment’ is the result of East meeting West, laced with psychedelic overtones and mysterious cinematics. The album was produced in Berlin by  Mark Reeder and his musical sidekick Micha Adam. Having witnessed their intense live presentation while on tour of China, Reeder ecstatically confessed he hadn’t been that excited since the early days of New Order. Stolen has been confirmed as supporting act for New Order’s Fall European Tour. “Before it was hard in China, because the music business was not well developed. But now, with the environment getting so developed, it’s possible to deliver 100% of your artistry into every show, and I believe that’s what we do.” -Liang Yi