Crunching hard rock is the drivin part, brittle countryish balladry the cryin, with the two linked by a heavy dose of Led Zeppelinphilia, Drivin N Cryin release a new album “Live The Love Beautiful” June 21, 2019. Produced by Aaron Lee Tasjan, the record is an anthemic of rock & roll. Kevn Kinney writes about the troubled times of modern America, trials and triumphs of adulthood on the road and the benefits of appreciating the small things in life. Together these songs connect the sounds that have shaped the bands career since the beginning. “We’ve been making music since the 80’s, and when you’ve been making music that long you can get stuck in a rut. I prefer to listen more than talk, and I’ve been listening to these albums, listening to the albums Aaron Lee has been producing and he’s a student of music and musical surgery.” -Kevn Kinney