Heritage can be a harsh mistress. Ex-This, formerly of That. Past acclaim particularly when it’s attached to some of the most visceral and elemental rock of one’s generation can become both a help and a hindrance; impossible to shake off but crucial to continued acceptance in the fickle world of pop music. Not that this is any concern of The Galileo 7 of course. As the title of their sixth album proudly proclaims, “There Is Only Now” and this record is nothing if not Now! Orders are available Worldwide via Damaged Goods for release date of June 21, 2019. “I wanted to make an album a lot quicker this time. This one has been written and recorded in less than a year, which is pretty good going for us. This time we were rehearsing and recording the songs pretty much as soon as I’d written and demoed them, and I think it has a unified feel that I really like.” -Allan Crockford