“Back Above The Clouds” is the highly anticipated 2019 debut album from rising stars of Prog, Warmrain now available on Digital with Double CD available June 21, 2019 via Rain Recordings. Conceptually based on a true story and adapted from journals documenting thoughts and feelings relating to loss, the album also contains a sublime 7 minute interpretation of the Eurythmics’ classic “Here Comes The Rain Again”. “I believe that we all come from a source energy and that source energy has a frequency of vibration. As you grow older, that vibration becomes affected distorted by life and by circumstances. As a child, your feelings, your thoughts, these are the real you, they are you before you get influenced by your family, by society, by teachers, and before everything gets shaped, clipped off, inhibited, and so on. There then becomes a void, as people start to live vicariously through their heroes; attention is focussed outside of themselves. What you need is a reconnection with the child within, a means to shift your perception back inside yourself and reconnect with the core aspect of your being which you’ve not really had a dialogue with for years. So the irony within ‘Back Above The Clouds’ is that the man should be the stronger character, and the child should be protected by the man; but in terms of this story it’s the other way round, and this brings about a process of healing and thereby self-fulfilment.” ~Leon J Russell