Multi-instrumentalist Richard Reed Parry is thrilled to release his entrancing new album “Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2: That Side of the River”, the companion piece to Vol. 1 that was released last year. Worldwide Ordering is available for CD, Digital and Vinyl (June 21, 2019) at the Official Artist Store. The genesis of these songs came after Arcade Fire’s first tour of Japan. Parry stayed on for weeks after the last show, heading to a monastery for some solace in the biggest silence you’ve ever heard. One day he was walking alone in a massive, snow-covered cedar forest when he heard distant voices, voices that sounded a lot like his father’s folk group back in Toronto, Friends of Fiddlers Green. He started writing meditative songs about mortality. On a later trip to Japan, he discovered the River of Death, a body of water understood in pre-Buddhist Japanese culture to be a liminal space between life and an afterlife. “There was no reason for something to sound like full-throated, British-Isle folk singing there. I walked and walked but I could never get closer to where the music was coming from.” -Richard Reed Parry