Veteran Scottish Rockers GUN are definitely celebrating 30 Years in the Music Industry with a release thats stronger than ever. They crashed on to the music scene in 1987 releasing the debut album “Taking on the World”. In the year of Nineteen Hundred Eighty Nine they followed-up with a British Chart Topper “Gallus”. The long awaited new studio album “Favourite Pleasures” originally released September 9, 2017 carries us deeper into the muse featuring ten original tracks and is the tightest the guys have ever sounded. The album is well named as it is packed full of luscious engaging pleasures from the get-go. I was only four tracks in when I felt that this was a special album. The line up consisting of Dante Gizzi, Giuliano ‘Jools’ Gizzi, Paul McManus, Andy Carr and Tommy Gentry are all exceptionally talented musicians in there own right. Checkout the Official Artist Store, for they still have some very nice Coloured Vinyl Available. Give it a listen and it could quickly become one of your Favourite Pleasures as well.