The mainstay of Atlanta glam and goth scene at the turn of the century Darling Machine celebrate the release of their new, self-titled LP “Darling Machine” and we salute them. It comes as no surprise that they are stronger than ever with great songwriting and solid production via producer Mac Carter. The idea of getting the band back together had its genesis in original bassist Troy Portella getting snowed in at Love’s place during a visit a couple of years ago. Vinyl release is available via the Bands Facebook Store. “I was totally against reliving the past, unless we invented something new and fresh. Troy convinced me that the lyrics I wrote and the music the band created was as relevant, if not more so, today than it was the first time around. Still, if we were to do this, then Darling Machine was to be totally reinvented, a new image, a new expanded sound, basically starting over.” -Vernon Love