Thank You Scientist is an eclectic, vibrant and well-hydrated progressive band from New Jersey. Their new album “Terraformer” released June 14, 2019 via Evil Ink Records sees the septet as their most ambitious effort. Notably, it features the band’s guitarist, Tom Monda, absolutely shredding up his genre-bending fretless guitar. The band has taken their experimental sound to the next level by delivering an extremely unpredictable and stimulating experimental progressive/fusion/rock formula. Formats include CD, LP and Digital, also available are Limited Edition 2LP Color Vinyl at the Official Artist Store. “The main theme is played by stunning a harmonic to change the pitch/register of a string and sliding the harmonic around to play the melody, which makes it sound like a whammy pedal or a synth. The verse also utilizes some interesting techniques which blend hammered notes with harmonics, which ends up sounding like a Phrygian dominant dial-up modem.” -Tom Monda