Because of Creedence Clearwater Revival absence from the film and soundtrack, it is easy to forget that CCR was a top-billed act at Woodstock let alone even at the festival. 50 years later “Live at Woodstock” offers fans a front-row seat to revisit Creedence Clearwater Revival’s stirring set as it was performed that night. Creedence were slotted for a prime Saturday night spot at Woodstock following the Grateful Dead, the band had headlined many of the larger festivals that summer including Atlantic City Pop Festival and Newport Pop Festival in California. Many of the artists looked at the Woodstock Festival in Upstate New York as just another stop on the tour, little did they know that Woodstock would become a defining moment in pop-culture history. Creedence took the stage later than planned, in the wake of an extra-long set by the Dead. It was after midnight on Sunday, August 17th, many of the attendees had retired to their tents. CCR declined to be included in the 1970 documentary Woodstock and the film’s soundtrack album, despite a searing performance on stage. The complete hour long set is now available on CD, Digital and Vinyl at the Official Craft Recordings Artist Store.