Released in 1987 “If Two Worlds Kiss”  is a seminal offering to the canon of dark wave fluid lesson in melody, mood, and pacing. Each track continuously adding to the journey like a unique push-pin on a map of melancholy. Founded in Germany in 1985, Pink Turns Blue atmospheric dark pop informed by European post-punk and dissonance immediately tapped into a new sound that was foundational to the emergence of darkwave. Tom Elbern, Mic Jogwer, Marcus Giltjes and Ruebi Walter through diligently pounding the club circuit and circulating their early, self-financed recordings caught on. The band found roots with FunFactory!, an independent label whose manager shared the appreciation of Andy Warhol’s Factory vision. The new Dais Record editions are repackaged from the original art available August 9, 2019, remastered by Josh Bonati in a 24pt reverse board jacket housing a euro inner sleeve with lyrics. Reissue Includes bonus track “A Moment Sometimes” previously unavailable and exclusive at the Official Dais Records Store reissued vinyl edition.