Status Quo released their new album “Backbone” via earMUSIC September 6, 2019, the band’s 33rd studio album. A new Quo studio album is a cause for celebration, especially when it kicks like this one. The album features of a trio songs drawn from the classic partnership of Rossi and Young as well as contributions from all of the rest of the band. The eleven track album was recorded in the studio the late months of last year. The sessions were initially just to keep the juices flowing, improvise and have fun. As the hours rolled on, songs stacked up, everyone began to believe that something special was happening. Worldwide pre-ordering is underway with some nice Limited Edition and T-Shirt Bundles exclusively available at the Official Artist Store.  “This new material had to be seriously good. Quo have meant so much to too many people for the quality to slip now. -Francis Rossi