Genre-bending guitarist, singer and songwriter Samantha Fish releases her first album for Rounder Records “Kill Or Be Kind” September 20, 2019. Boasting 11 original songs ranging from the electric cigar box stomp of “Bulletproof” to the sweet Memphis R&B of “Trying Not To Fall in Love With You” the album is sure to establish Samantha as a potent force in roots music. The full track-list along with the cover art has just been revealed, direct preordering coming soon but has started on Amazon, for her new website is underdevelopment. Personally I’m waiting to see if any special bundles will be available. Samantha and Rounder Records have offered a teasing two-sided single for our pleasure from the album featuring “Watch It Die” and “Love Letters” available early release of forthcoming album. Visit Samantha Fish Official Store for all kinds of preorder goodies. “I’ve become more respectful of the melody. You can go up and down the fret board and up and down your vocal register, but that’s not going to be as powerful as conveying a simple melody that people can really connect to and sing themselves.”-Samantha Fish