City And Colour ‎released new album October 4, 2019 via Still Records, formats include CD, Double LP, Digital and Streaming. “I wasn’t always going to call this record “A Pill For Loneliness”, it actually had another name up until the last second. I was watching the news one night and something i saw made me change it. They were talking about how researchers are trying to create an actual pill for loneliness. I thought it was pretty awful that we live in world that is making it necessary for us to need a pill to cure being lonely. I realized music was like my pill for loneliness. It allowed me to feel like i had somebody else in my life. When I was younger, all I wanted to do was write a song that made someone feel the way I felt when I connected to a music. “A Pill For Loneliness” is the right title. Tt is the best way to describe this album and the band. -Dallas Green

Exclusive Colour Variant Vinyl available at City And Colour Official Artist Store.