Tommy Redd announces he will release his collection of early solo albums this fall starting with “Soul Daddies” scheduled for worldwide distribution November 22, 2019 via Grand Union Records. A true Americana Hero Tommy Redd has been writing real music for real people all his long career. His down to earth lyrics touch the heart like no one. Most recognized as lead songwriter, guitar player for Nantucket, Tommy is famous for his crazy onstage antics from auctioneer and square dance intros to playing solos with a spoon and slide guitar with a beer bottle. “Soul Daddies” studio musicians include Tommy “Too Tall” Evans, Doug Cayton, Greg Woods, Mike Mazerick, Ben Shaw, Merritt Partridge with special appearances by Davie Caudill, John Wade, Eddie Blair, Susan and Jamie Schnurr and Miles Partridge Rap on “Rooster”